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The Blank Page

blank page

The blank page. It stares at me and I stare back, my mind blank as well, wondering how I will ever fill it. This is my greatest challenge as a writer – getting started. Sometimes a great lead comes to me and I’m off and running, words tumbling onto the page one after another. I love those times, but unfortunately they are rare. More often than not, the blank page brings out all of my insecurities. Why did I ever think of myself as a writer? Why would anyone pay me to write? I can’t do this! I’m stuck! I’ll never get this job done!
I go to my stand bys, my favorite procrastination techniques. First, I check my email. That’s kind of like work, isn’t it? Then, I check my Facebook page. Oh wonderful social media. It provides such lovely distraction. If I’m really stuck, I fold a load of laundry. At least I’m getting something done. When all else fails, I walk the dogs or make a personal phone call. These are the joys of working at home, or not working at home as the case may be.
What I really love to do is rewrite. I enjoy going over my work, inserting a word here, changing a line there. I can tweak this or that endlessly. I’ve thought of getting business cards printed with the job title of “Rewriter” rather than “Writer” or “Copywriter.” Unfortunately, I have to get something on the page before I can rework it. So, once again, I force myself to get started. If I can’t start at the beginning, I start in the middle, setting words to the page just to encourage the flow. Most often, it begins and with a sigh of relief I lose myself in my work. Other times, every word is a chore, painfully wrung from my sluggish brain.
What’s the cure for the blank page syndrome? Face my fear head on by starting a Blog!

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